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TUESDAY, JULY 7, 2015 – 5:30 P.M.

  1. Roll Call

  2. Approval of minutes from the June 2, 2015, meeting.

  3. Appeal Case No. 940, filed by Mona Manatt, Sue Cox, and William Cox, to maintain an 8-foot fence around a pool at 1203 Vista Court. The fence exceeds the maximum height of 6 feet established by City Code Section 10-19-3 (C).

  4. Appeal Case No. 941, filed by Thomas Meeker, to place the Clam Shell Diner at 407 W. Mississippi Drive. The request also includes constructing a deck and ramp to service the diner in conjunction with Contrary Brewery at 411 W. Mississippi Drive. The proposed structures will not meet the setback requirements defined in City Code Section 10-14-3 (A).

  5. Appeal Case No. 942, filed by Sheila Erickson, to extend the roof to cover a 12’ x 16’ portion of the existing patio at 3397 Spinning Wheel Court. A variance is required as the proposed roof encroaches into the required 25-foot rear yard setback required by City Code Section 10-6-3 (A).

  6. Appeal Case No. 943, filed by Ardyth Orr and Gary Slight of 11 Geneva Drive, to install an in-ground swimming pool with the water’s edge less than 10 feet from the house and with a back lot line set back of 10 feet. The proposed location encroaches into the required rear yard setback as defined in City Code Section 10-6-3 (A).

  7. Appeal Case No. 944, filed by John Timm, to enclose an existing front porch at 509 West 3rd Street. The proposed building line extension will not meet the required front yard setback set by City Code Section 10-7-3 (A).

  8. Appeal Case No. 945, filed by Brian Costas of 1212 Iowa Avenue, to build a 14’x24’ garage that will set back 2 feet from the property line. The proposed structure encroaches into the 6-foot side yard setback requirement per City Code Section 10-6-3 (A).

  9. Adjourn.