Southend Improvement Project

Project Overview Map (JPG) Opens in new windowComponents for recreational and street crossing improvements in the south end portion of the Muscatine community have been developed by City staff working in collaboration with the Suthend Improvement Fund steering committee, neighborhood groups, and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission

City Staff reviewed certain aspects of general park and specific street crossing improvements to include current and foreseeable future plans. The staff evaluation included reviewing past City department budget requests, the current City Capital Improvement Plan, the City Comprehensive Plan and current citizen requests for public property infrastructure upgrades in the designated region of Muscatine. 

The proposed improvements provided in the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine South End Improvement Fund Projects will be funded through a $2,000,000.00 private donation.

Taylor Park Playground (JPG)
Musser Park Playground (JPG)
Sunset Park Playground (JPG)

Taylor Park Improvement Project

Update: July 7, 2023

Renovations to Taylor Park have been completed with the exception of the placement of the restroom facility (still awaiting delivery) and for additional landscaping. 

061223 Taylor Park - Splash Pad and Playgrounds  001
061223 Taylor Park - New Playground 001
061223 Taylor Park - Shelter 001

Musser Park Improvement Project

Update: July 7,2023

Work on the trail connector from the levee to Oregon Street has been completed along with additional connecting sidewalks, and the installation of the new shelter. The playground area has been reopened for public use.

061223 Musser Park Playground 001
061223 Musser Park Shelter 001
062322 Southend Project Musser Park Trail 001 (JPG)

BACKGROUND: The City of Muscatine and Martin and Whitacre Surveyors and Engineers, Inc. developed the plans and specifications for the Taylor Park Improvement Project. The Muscatine City Council held a public hearing and approved the plans and specifications on February 3, 2022. Three proposals were received by the due date of March 4, 2022. The $429,584 contract was awarded to All American Concrete, Inc. at the March 17, 2022 City Council meeting.

Splashpad Project

The City of Muscatine and Water's Edge Aquatic Design developed the plans and specifications for the Taylor Park Splashpad Project with the $333,000 contract awarded to The Henley Group, LLC at the March 17, 2022, Muscatine City Council meeting.

Taylor Park Splash Pad (JPG)