Phase 5 West Hill Sewer Separation Project (WHSSP)

Update: December 28, 2023

Phase 5 Road Closure Diagram October 23, 2023 (JPG)

Hagerty Earthworks, Inc., is completing punch list items but all streets, sidewalks, and driveways open to traffic.


Contact Information:

City Engineer:  Kevin Coon  (563) 263-8933

City Project Manager:  Steve Dalby  (563) 299-2888

Contractor:  John Hagerty  (563) 260-3877


Hagerty Earthworks, Inc., was awarded the $6.03 million contract for Phase V of the WHSSP during the April 1, 2021, City Council meeting. This phase includes replacing sewers on West 8th Street from Broadway to Lucas, on Climer Street from West 8th Street to Lucas, Logan Street from Lucas to Climer, Lucas Street from 912 Lucas to Fletcher Avenue, and through the ravine between Climer and Lucas.