Proposed Home Occupation Regulations

The next step in the modernization of the City of Muscatine Zoning Ordinance is the rewriting of the portion that regulates home occupations. In the current Zoning Ordinance home occupations are regulated through the definition of home occupations that is contained in the definition section. It is necessary to rewrite this portion of City Code for three major reasons. Putting regulations within the definition section is bad practice, it makes them difficult for users to locate. The current regulations prohibit many activities related home occupations which would be good for the economic development of the community, yet would not negatively impact nearby residents. The current regulations allow for certain activities related to home occupations that have proven to be irritating to nearby residents, generating numerous complaints to the City. Using an approach that has proven to be successful in other communities the proposed new home occupation regulations shifts to performance based standards

Overview of Proposed Changes (PDF)

Text of Proposed Changes (PDF)