Rental Housing

NOTICE: Rental Housing Code Amendments Adopted

At the April 16, 2020 City Council meeting, the City Council members adopted an Ordinance amending the Rental Housing Code, which in part; relocated the Rental Housing Code to a newly created title within City Code - Title 16 Rental Housing and Property Maintenance Regulations.  The Rental Housing Code amendments affect all residential rental properties within City of Muscatine limits.  

Title 16, in its entirety, may be viewed here or a list of substantial changes may be viewed here.  Please contact Community Development, 563.262.4141, with any concerns or comments pertaining to this code change.

Rental Housing Code

Iowa State law requires all cities with a population of over 15,000 to enact and enforce a rental housing inspection program.

The City of Muscatine’s Rental Housing Code is to provide minimum standards to safeguard life or limb, health, property, and public welfare by regulating and controlling the use, occupancy, and maintenance of all residential buildings and related structures within the city.  Per the Rental Housing Code all residential rental properties must be registered, inspected and issued a valid Rental Facility License by the City of Muscatine.  

Rental Facility License Requirements

To offer or let a residential property for rent a property owner or responsible agent is required to obtain a valid Rental Facility License for that property.  The Rental Facility License is only issued once all of the following criteria has been met:

1. Submission of a Rental Facility License application, completed and accurately providing all requested information.

2. The property for which the Rental Facility License is being applied for passes the inspection per the Rental Facility Standards (City Code Section 16-4-7).

A Rental Facility License is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of the initial inspection and prior to its expiration a renewal application is automatically submitted unless notified otherwise by the owner.  The Rental Facility License fee is $90 per unit due on a 3 year cycle in conjunction with the acquisition and renewal of the valid Rental Facility License. 

Rental Housing Inspections

To fulfill the requirements for issuance of a valid Rental Facility License, upon receipt of a completed application, an initial inspection will be scheduled and performed by a Code Enforcement Officer to confirm compliance with the Rental Facility Standards.  If the initial inspection determines that conditions of the property violate any provision of the Rental Housing Code, the property owner or responsible agent will receive a Notice and Order to Correct Violations.  The Code Enforcement Officer will reinspect the rental property until all violation corrections are verified as completed.

As part of the renewal process of a Rental Facility License, the required initial inspection and potential reinspections will recur on a 3 year cycle to determine whether conditions of the property still comply with the Rental Facility Standards.

Type of Inspection
Inspection Fee
Initial InspectionNo Fee - Covered by the Rental Facility License Fee which is $90 per unit and due every 3 years
First ReinspectionNo Fee - Covered by the Rental Facility License Fee which is $90 per unit and due every 3 years
Second Reinspection
Administrative Fee
$60 per unit
3rd Reinspection
Administrative Fee
$120 per unit
No-Show Appointments
Administrative Fee
$60 per unit

Change in Ownership / Management

Please notify the Community Development Department at 563.262.4141 of any change in ownership or management.  A Rental Facility License is transferable from one person to another at any time prior to its expiration, termination or revocation but Community Development must be notified within 30 days of such conveyance or transfer otherwise a fee may incur. 

Rental Forms and Additional Information

Rental Facility License Application

Extension Request: Order to Correct Violations